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Chase Rose is a Bannack Principal and campaign specialist, currently leading numerous multi-million dollar fundraising campaigns. Clients Mr. Rose has serviced or is currently servicing, include conservation nonprofits, public universities, private schools, medical foundations, hospitals, senior service organizations, youth service organizations, athletic nonprofits, affordable housing projects, agricultural nonprofits, public libraries, zoos, and Christian institutes.
In his career, Mr. Rose has directly secured over $50M in philanthropic gifts through 3,000+ face-to-face donor meetings. Mr. Rose is also a seasoned public speaker and facilitator, who has presented to collective audiences of 142,000 people across the United States and several international venues.

Prior to joining Bannack, Mr. Rose served as the National FFA Vice President, the Director of Development for the Montana FFA Foundation, and the Director of Development for the Montana State University Foundation. While at MSU, he averaged $400,000/month in fundraising. Mr. Rose's primary areas of service include campaign management and execution, campaign planning study execution, creation and maturation of development enterprises, development officer training, individual and corporate fundraising training, volunteer management, and constituent outreach coordination.

Mr. Rose is a fifth-generation Montanan originally from Clyde Park, graduating from Montana State University on a Presidential Scholarship.

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